Passages are made to Eire, Southern Brittany or Northern Spain as required. If you have a group of friends who would like to make such a passage, discounted rates are available. You can either cruise, skipper or be taught; the choice is yours. This is an excellent chance to practise navigation and pilotage.

Completion of the Yachtmaster Ocean 600 mile passage can sometimes be arranged with a delivery.

During the passages a skipper will be nominated for each leg, and be responsible for not only skippering the yacht but also all pilotage and navigation. Those keen on learning how to use the latest radar and chart plotters can practise on the yacht.

If you would like to hop across the Channel for the sailing and navigation experience, weekend forays will be made to Cherbourg and/or Alderney. These trips will only be for experienced sailors. There will even be space on the return trip for a bottle of wine or two, solely, of course, for your own consumption!

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