Start Yachting

This two-day course provides a short introduction to sail cruising for novices. By the end of this course, you will have steered a yacht, handled the sails, carried out some ropework and learned about on board safety.

Holders of the Start Yachting certificate can obtain a Competent Crew certificate by completing  a further three days or two weekends of the Competent Crew course.

Competent Crew

For those who have never been on a boat before and know nothing about sailing. The course covers basic seamanship, sailing and helming skills, safety and living on board. At the end of this five day course you will be able to take your part as a useful crew member on a sailing yacht.

There is no minimum age.

Day Skipper Theory

This course should, ideally, be taken before the Day Skipper Practical course. It covers all a skipper needs to know about the theory of navigation, seamanship, weather and electronic navigation aids. If you attend this course before the practical, you will find that the practical makes a lot more sense and you will be able to concentrate on the boat handling aspects more fully.

Day Skipper Practical

This course is for those who have some experience of sailing as crew and who wish to go on to skipper boats on short passages by day. The course concentrates on boat handling under power and sail, navigation, pilotage and the skills necessary to skipper a boat. Before attending this course, you should ideally have achieved 100 miles at sea with five days on board and carried out a night passage. This will qualify you to apply for an International Certificate of Competence, a certificate which a lot of charter companies, particularly abroad, expect you to hold before they will let you have a boat.
The minimum age for the award of the certificate is 16. The award can be gained for both non-tidal and tidal waters.